Hotel la Meridiana

Hospitality and courtesy in one of the most beautiful villages in Italy

Hotel La Meridiana, near Arezzo in Anghiari, is a delightful family-run hotel that since 1964 has taken care of making your holidays in Tuscany perfect. In a familiar and above all reserved environment, you will discover the pleasure of getting lost in the beauty of this region, guests of a recently structured hotel that will offer you all the comforts you need.

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Hotel la Meridiana in Anghiari


Whats they say about us

Very Good!
Anonimo -

I really enjoyed this hotel and the wonderful people who run it. One of the staff, when I asked for directions, walked me outside and to the corner so she could point me in the right way. It definitely has a family feel. Very Very good places!  

Feels like home
AnaANeves -

We stayed in this hotel for 4 nights while we making a tour around Tuscany. It was a really nice surprise! Good deal for the value (very nice room - the picture was taken from our balcony, room 223! - nice breakfast) and perfectly located in one of the most charming cities we've visited, Anghiari. Feels like home!

Kinga -

The hotel was perfect! We were lucky enough to have a room with big balcony and a beautiful view. The hotel was really clean and well-designed, so was the room. The staff didnt speak much english but it wasnt a problem at all. Breakfast was really nice and there were a lot of things to choose from.

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