Come here to discover this wonderful part of tuscany staying in our hotel “la meridiana” in anghiari and plunge yourself into a quiet , fashinating and full of history world!
Anghiari was founded in the middle ages and it is one of the most beautiful old villages in italy for its vestiges of an ancient civilisation.

It is in the middle of three different lands: umbria, emilia romagna and marche and this strategic place permits you to reach every place from here or take some strolls in the town historic centre to appreciate its beauties and visit its archeological sites.
For all these reasons anghiari has always received a lot of awards like “bandiera arancione del touring club” and “slow city good life”.

In the town you can also visit the big stronghold and its marvellous view from the top of valtiberina. people who visit anghiari do their shopping in its famous antiques shops.
Appointments in anghiari:

  • 29 of june: “palio della vittoria” the most important one
  • middle of august: you can enjoy the traditional anghiari festival whose name is “festival della tovaglia”
  • april last week: big crafts fair
  • all second sundays every month: “memorandia” antiques market
  • november: bigoli festival cooking. tuscany typical meals have a leading role in this event

If you are keen on history you will come back to live anghiari’s battle atmospheres.
Leonardo da vinci, rubens and biagio di antonio painted famous paintings about it.
Finally in anghiari you can find one of the most important italian frescos and paintings restoration high school and the only autobiography school (lua) in italy whose director is duccio demetrio.
Less 10 km from anghiari you can see the very pure art in san sepolcro. piero della francesca was born in this town. a few of his paintings are conserved in the main museum of the town.
In san sepolcro you can also discover the natural world of “aboca erbe” to take care of yourself in a good and healthy way.




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