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The Valtiberina offers the opportunity for nature lovers to discover naturalistic and unique landscape realities, of incredible beauty and special features; the nature trail that below we recommend is suitable for everyone and enables you to spend unforgettable days outdoors, in contact with nature.

ROGNOSE MOUNTAINSThese evocative mountains located in Arezzo’s province are the ideal destination for summer hikes.
The tourist will have the chance to spend a day in the middle of a very unusual nature, wild, desolated, very rich of rare animals and vegetation. The plants are typical for their thorns, flavors and fragrances. In Rognose Mountains You will be also able to see a lot of wild species of robins and chaffinches , while in the valleys it is possible to sight big predatory birds.
If you have already decided to spend your holydays in Arezzo’s province, Rognose Mountains represents a very good site for hiking with paths available also for families and kids.


From Friars mountain and Monte Maggiore you’ll have the chance to admire the wonderful landscape of Alta Val tiberina preserve, very famous for its mountains and wild nature.
Alpe della Luna Preserve extends along the Apennine ridge and crosses the historical villages of Badia Tedalda, Pieve Santo Stefano, Sansepolcro. A place of peace and relax for those who love nature and to practice sports in the open air.
The preserve has a very wide variety of vegetation: forests are alternate with meadows and rocky areas.


The landscapes within the park are very different. It is possible to find prehistoric rocky sites on one side and sweet ridges full of vegetation on the other.
The national park, created in 1959, represents an example of one of the most well preserved forests in Europe . Within the park it is possible to visit the suggestive area of Sasso Frantino. The most exciting aspect of this park is that it contains not only vegetation but also old villages, very well preserved in which history and architecture play a role of protagonist. In these sites it is also possible to see a lot of animal species such as the wolf, and dears, fawns and wild boars.
To move around the park the tourist have the chance to choose whether to hike, ride bike or horses. During winter it is also possible to benefit of suggestive cross country skiing paths longer that 600 km.

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