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In this part of Tuscany , in particular Tiberina Valley, you’ll be able to find spaces and places full of silence and mysticism, ideal for pray and meditation. These are very intense locations full of good vibe, ideal to take care of body and soul. This is the reason why very famous protagonist of the world religious history, such as Saint Francis and Saint Antony from Padua ,spent most of their life in these region.

This Shrine is one of the most known francescano sanctuary in whole Italy. San Francis received the monastery, and the land surrounding it, as a present from a noble man in 1213. San Francis used to love this mountain because it was located in a remote area, full of silence ideal for meditation and contemplation. Is in this place that San Francis received the stigmata ( non so come si traduce) on the 4th September of 1224. The monastery was built in XIII century while the church dates back to 1348. In this Church you can also see some of the famous pottery from Andrea Della Robbia.

This monastery is very ancient: it was built in 800 B.C. originally with the aim of defending the close city of Sansepolcro .
Not only, but from this point the soldiers used to control the whole good traffic that was passing here from Alta Tiberina Valley to Marche region.
In a second d time the fortification was given to a group of Friars called Camaldolesi that transformed it in a place for the assistance of pilgrims first, and needing people later.
In 1212 the hermitage was given to San Francis and still belongs to Francescani friars.
Being its favorite hermitage, San Francis spent a lot of time here ; inside it is still possible to see the bed, made by stones, in which the Saint used to sleep. In this mystical place also Saint Antony from Padua and Bonaventura spent some time. Today this hermitage represent a very quiet place for pray and meditation.

The origins of this place dates back to the VIII century AD. In the 7722 Tedaldo, a local noble man, that gave this church and monastery to Benedictine friars . In the 1216 the monastery was given to San Francis where he settled with his friars. In 1230 also San Antony From Padua spent some time here. Remember, once you decide to reach the monastery you’ll be asked to keep quiet and silent not to disturb the mystic atmosphere of this place .

Located close to Caprese Michelangelo, the origin of this place is a mistery. The very first official historical record of this place dates back to 1522 . However, the scholars believe that the buildings were built before 500 AD, maybe to host the pilgrims that went here to pray and meditate. The legend tell us that the Hermitage become famous because from here San Francis gave the last greeting to the inhabitants of Vena before his death.

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